Visibilty collisions missing in rendered sections of Blueprints examples pack

Not sure if this is the right section of the forums to post this in, apologies if not.

In the Blueprints examples showcase pack in the marketplace, I’ve run into a weird problem. I’m using it to build up some VR controls and am using ECC_Visibility collision trace tests to figure out where I can teleport my character to. Most of the time this works around the level provided in this pack, but there are some places where it doesn’t. Looking at the first attached photo, I figured there was a large area that would never return a trace collision on the visibility channel.

Looking at the visibility collision debug view (second photo) it’s clear that there is a huge gap in the floor panel. Obviously it is visible though and being rendered - why is this happening and how can I correct it? Is it a bug in the content pack?