Visibility of Widgets Outside of Master Canvas

When they are out of the master canvas borders, widget contents are no longer visible in visual designer screen.

Is there a way to make them visible outside of canvas borders?

(Check Screen01 and Screen02)


If the widget in question is a child of the canvas panel, there is no way to get it to show up outside of the boundaries of the canvas panel.

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Sean Flint

Is there a workaround for that?

There are no workarounds, as this is by design. Think of the canvas panel as the boundaries of your widget when you draw it on screen. The Designer tab essentially shows you the same thing that you’d be seeing on the screen. So, for example, if you were to create a widget and add it to the viewport that had, say, an image outside of the boundaries of the canvas, that image would not show up in the viewport because it is outside of the visible area of that widget.

Alright. Thanks.

Well this is weird. My image widget is showing outside of my main canvas panel. I want half of it outside, and the other half inside. The size of my widget is custom, but in the game it looks like I used desired, or size to content. I actually want the effect he is trying to avoid, but I can’t get it.

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If you would like to achieve this, you can do so by using the render transform (translation). This will allow you to recreate the issue above.

Hmm I understand you’re going for the Photoshop approach, in which we get to the see the edges of the canvas and that’s fine…to a degree. It gives us UI folk an idea of where we need to anchor elements to. But I would expect to be able to place UI elements outside the edge of the canvas with the intention of making them appear from the from the ether.

The fact if I place anything outside the canvas, it vanishes and we have no way of even selecting it without having to find it in the Hierarchy. It doesn’t seem very user friendly and it’s certainly not expected UX behaviour.

Why can’t we just have it so if I was to place something outside the canvas, I can still interact with it? Seems very odd otherwise. Let it be my fault that I placed something outside the canvas and I cannot see it, not the law of the land that I can’t.