Visibility of Pause Menu in multiple locations - VR

Hey Everyone,

Have come quite a long way in the last couple weeks. But kind of stumped here. I know I need to learn more about casting, but currently need to get like a first draft out to the client then I will hammer it down.

But what I have is a camera that teleports after I push a widget button to the second location. The first location I have a pause menu that pops up when I hit the “Right Grip” button on the vive controller. So I duplicated the Pause menu widget to the second location but I can’t get the “Right Grip” button to control the visibility of the second pause menu. Hope that makes sense, basically I just need 1 button that controls visibility of 2 different widgets. I can get it to work if I change the “Right Grip” button on the second widget to anything else but want it all with 1 button…

Any help would be great.