Visibility culling documentation ?

I’ve been looking for documentation describing various visibility culling methods available in UE4 and how to set them up for artists and level designers, but I don’t seem to find much about the subject. Maybe I am overlooking it :confused:

Please advise. Thanks!

Bump! Kinda important topic, don’t you think ?

Howdy motorsep,

My apologies on missing this post. I have enter Jira UEDOC-2487 into our Documentation Request database so that we can address this issue.

I will be sure to let you know when I see this topic being worked on.

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Thanks a bunch!

Hi Epic,

Any progress on this front ?


Hi Motorsep,

Maybe this will help until there is a documentation page setup. I have a post from the AnswerHub that I helped a user with a while back that covers some of the different methods of occlusion culling: Occlusion culling one frame lag - UE4 AnswerHub

The only thing not covered by my post is Cull Distance Volumes, but as far as basic occlusion culling is concerned this is the gist of the settings.

Hopefully this can help for the time being.


Thanks Tim.

After reading your post on AnswerHub I am under impression there is no special setup for occlusions in UE4. Would that be a correct assumption? (unlike Unity, where objects have to be marked as occluders and ocludees, and then scene needs to be baked to enable occlusion culling)

Correct. Occlusion is based on the bounds of an object when using the default method. This prevents having to setup any specific meshes to occlude others. I’m not really familiar with Unity’s method since I’ve only ever opened the software a couple of times.

I think the only thing that I never did cover, aside from culling volumes, in that post is BSPs. These are handled differently than static meshes as well. Each face will be occluded based on whether it’s visible in the scene or not. This can be seen when using the r.visualizeOccludedPrimitives 1.

Ok, so I am back here with new visibility request/question.

On this page one of the bullet points directs me to Precomputed Visibility page, that is actually a page about volumes, where we have two items at the very bottom of the page, Precomputed Visibility Volume and Precomputed Visibility Override Volume.

There is no explanation, anywhere, how to use them (properly) in the scene (in general and in regards to benefiting performance in Gear VR or mobile in particular) .

Is there any way you could make a mini tutorial about it and then add that to the documentation ?