'Visibility' collision blocks AI vision

Hello. I am making a top-down arpg game. I use visibility block to highlight and click enemies but since I do that, when enemies spawn right next to eachother, their collision blocks their vision and they just stand still. What can I do to fix this?

Here is not bad blog post about collision filtering Collision Filtering - Unreal Engine

In short words, you should use different collision settings camera/visibility and for different actors if required. And not moving problem can be elsewhere, hard to say.

I tried this. I made new trace channels and everything but “mouse cursor over” and “mouse click” events are only check ‘visibility’ channel. I need to change that. There must be a some way to do it.

If mouse actions only check visibility (I not remember, I can check later) - for AI vision check use camera. And it need changes in collision settings I think. But this is up to you, I have kinda complicated setup for collisions: vision, ai check, world check etc.

How can I change 'pawn sensing’s channel from visibility to camera or anything else?

Yes, I forgot you use pawn sensing. As I read somewhere Epic staff post, pawn sensing is very limited and not flexible, is better to create own system for vision check. I have for example problem with it, when ai hear not see or something like this. I can try this later today when I will have editor open, few hours.

I can’t see any settings in Pawn Sensing, but I found this post: Pawn Sensing vs AI Perception - AI - Unreal Engine Forums read answer. This is depreciated and will be removed. Also no documentations. Would be nice to have it worked, but I think you have to create your own system or use something else. This is my private opinion only.

Alright thank you! I am waiting

I used AI Perception now, it works but it also uses visibility channel. So, AI’s collision block eachother’s vision still.

Does anyone know?