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The VisAI Framework

Built with the VisAI Framework

With VisAI, it’s easy to expand your AI’s functionality and create exactly the AI your game needs.

You’ll get access to all VisAI’s feature updates, tools, and more, making your AI creation process as smooth as possible.

Integrated with Commands and Interactions

Your AI Template is setup with the Command System and Interaction Framework.

Ready for Customization

The AI Template is ready for customization! You can easily replace the mesh and add animations.

Applies to many AI types

*Whether your AI is a drifter, roaming the lands of your game;

An animal companion, loyal to you and your cause;

A friend, accompanying you through your journey;

Or otherwise;*

VisAI – Companion will give you a head start and a solid foundation to build on.

Powered by VisBP - Interaction Framework

Explained in detail below, the VisBP - Interaction Framework powers the command system for VisAI – Companions.

This gives you the ability to quickly expand upon your AI’s interaction functionality. It’s easy to integrate, easy to use, and includes lots of examples for expanding the system.

AI Commands

The template companion comes with a list of commands, including:

Follow Near
Follow Far

Follow Target
Attack Target

Stay In Position
Go To Position
Set Aggro Neutral

Set Aggro Aggressive
Set Aggro Friendly

You’ll also be able to add new commands easily by following the Companion tutorial series. (linked below)

Aggro Settings

Every companion needs a little variation in their mood… Your AI Companion Template comes with easily adjustable aggro settings.

*Aggressive AI will attack all enemies in sight, regardless of what you tell them to do.
Neutral AI will attack if Commander does or if hurt.
Friendly AI will only attack when attacked. *

The player can adjust Aggro settings through the Command UI, or through a hot-key.

Command UI

The Command UI gives your player a way to communicate visually with the AI.

You can modify the UI to your hearts’ desire and add new commands easily.

Hot-Key Integration

Want the user to press “e” to interact? Easy! All you’ll need to do is call the event from your player controller.

Every command has its own easily-callable, replicated event, so you can hot-key everything available.

Replicated Interaction System

VisAI Companion Includes the unreleased VisBP - Interaction. It provides you with a powerful Toolkit dedicated to providing useful functions and features to help you create replicated interactions quickly.

You’ll get a powerful set of parent classes that provide you with a platform for expansion.

Interactable Templates

  • Door

  • Overlap Button

  • Push Button

Modular and Component Based

Interactions are component based, which gives you almost instant access to features.

It also means that you don’t have to worry about re-parenting or merging blueprints. Just add component and use the features!

Authority Based Command

With Authority Based Command, you can check if a player has the authority to make a command before doing it.

By default, you have the ability to determine how many players can take control of the AI. You can easily add new functionality to these checks.

Command Replication

All example commands are replicated for you, whether server or client.

Interaction Replication

With the VisBP - Interaction system, you’ll have many replicated templates to work with that provide a head start for different functionality.

Interactable examples are replicated for you, whether server or client.

Replication Examples

With all of the multiplayer functionality this pack brings, you’ll find lots of examples of advanced replication. It’s a great learning resource for those wanting to learn more about advanced replication techniques.

Built for Expansion

​This pack is built to be expanded. You’ll find that nearly everything is neatly organized, modular, and very easy to work with.

Update Compatibility

By using the VisAI subsystem structure, you’ll maintain VisAI Foundation update compatibility with a few simple steps.

The command system does not retain update compatibility as it is heavily modified by end user, though it’s easy to merge functionality for an update. AI using an old command system will

  • Creating & Understanding Commands
  • Creating & Understanding Interactions
  • Designing Behaviour with The Aggro System
  • Updating the Command System​

Links will be added soon :slight_smile:


  • Highly Customizable AI Companion Template
  • Enemy Template
  • Command System
  • Multiplayer Command Authority
  • Command UI with Hotkeys
  • Interaction System
  • Player & AI Interaction
  • Interactable Templates (Door, Toggle Button, Pressure Button)
  • Multiplayer Interaction
  • Easily Create New Interactables
  • Aggro System
  • Aggressive, Neutral, Friendly AI
  • Relationship & Aggression Level influence Behaviour
  • Integrated Health & Damage
  • Much more…

Framework Highlights

  • Unique AI Behaviour Structure
  • Advanced, Streamlined Decision Making
  • Growing AI Toolkit
  • 5+ AI Systems (Perception, Memory, etc.)
  • Comments and Descriptions
  • Create your Subsystem for Update Compatibility
  • Extendable | Modifiable | Easy to Integrate
  • Simply “Add To Project” and get started!


  • ActiveDiscord Support and growing Community

Understanding the System

Next For VisAI

  • Video Tutorials
  • Modular EQS Functionality
  • More in the Discord!!

Important/Additional Notes

Joining the Discord or checking the Trello often is highly recommended. This is where updates will be posted.

Lots of progress on the pack.


Basic Enemy
Example Map Progress (Demo on launch!)
Multiple Commander Support (You can limit who can command the AI easily)

Will be posting some videos soon once I get the animations and example map finished :slight_smile:

Almost ready for submission! Excited to get this pack out :slight_smile:

Just submitted to Epic! Now i’m working on tutorials for the foundation as well as the pack. Will be releasing this very soon!


Just added a new tutorial, check it out here! -

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