VisAI - An AI Framework

VisAI is a streamlined Universal AI Creation Framework, a core part of the VisFoundation. It provides a premium environment for developers creating AI in Unreal Engine. You’ll find Abstraction of Complex AI Systems, Comprehensive AI Designs, Universal AI Capabilities, Limit-less creation, and more. The framework is constantly improving; adding new systems, tools, examples, and more for you to use.

The Behaviour Foundation allows you to create truly expansive and complex AI without over-complication or limitations. The AI Toolkit provides you access to advanced, yet easy-to-use systems, tools, and features. The Developer & Community provide active support, helpful feedback, and more.

With VisAI, you’ll have the tools and support you need to create your next AI with ease.

The Behaviour Foundation is an AI design theory that weighs the benefits of GOAP, Utility AI, and Behaviour Tree. It works by combining a natural behaviour structure with a simple but powerful decision making system.

The structure allows you to take full control over how your AI plans (or decides) what to do. You can easily define priorities, dependencies, plan ahead and make other advanced considerations without convoluting your AI logic.

With VisAI, creating any AI type is as easy as creating Behaviour, Decision, and Action.

The AI Toolkit provides a variety of tools, systems, and features for AI development. These are designed to give you easy access to powerful functionality and provide a faster AI workflow. You’ll find the core aspects of the AI Toolkit below;

You can find support in our active Discord Community

Looks good, waiting for the videos here. Copying and renaming the template is a little weird and “Be sure that your character is a child of the VisAICharacter_BP” is not very flexible, what about a component?

I should probably make it more clear, but the VisAICharacter_BP is only for your AI classes. Also, you really only have to rename the files.

Will be putting out more videos soon and updating the documentation, just released Network Support!

Just released a new video, showing how the system works and how to create basic functionality :slight_smile:

New update coming soon! Check out the discord for more information :slight_smile:

Version 1.2 on the marketplace!

Added 15+ new in-engine tutorials, new Perception and Enemy System features, new Example Map, and more!

Check out the **Trello **or Discord for more information :slight_smile:

New Showcase video!…

**Description Update: **

I updated the description heavily. I will be updating more soon, but i’m focusing on a video tutorial series for the pack.

Lots of stuff coming for VisAI very soon!!

Check the link section above to visit the Unreal Marketplace page.

Just posted for the new pack, VisAI Companion!

Link here

I’ve been working on documentation as the framework is in a really solid place now. It’s been tested by many developers for over a year, and by myself in many projects since it’s inception. Video tutorials are also in the works.

I’ll be updating this forum post, as well as the other VisAI forum posts, with new information about the framework. I’ll also update here when the documentation, tutorials, and 1.3 have been released.

Join the Discord for more information on the framework, there are huge updates coming to VisAI 1.3, and lots of resources to learn about it!

VisAI - Companion has been released!! Check it out here;

Tutorial Released!

VisAI 1.3.2 Released as well:

I can no longer update/edit this post due to the Unreal Forums update.

Will likely be deleting this forum soon. Sorry everyone!


Will be returning to the forums after having edit abilities restored awhile back :slight_smile: Thank you Epic <3

Need to spend some time giving this forum page the love & care it deserves. So much happening for VisAI! Very excited to show more.