Visage - Our first Horror video game - Greenlight Support

Hi all, It has been a while since i’ve posted something here, well I was quite busy working on something with a friend of mine. I will make it short.

Here is our first horror video game called Visage. We are currently active on Steam Greenlight at the moment and it would be an immense honnor if you could check it out and give us your impression with this trailer.

Thanks a lot

Well executed and very spooky, good job!

Wow. That’s a fantastic looking FPH. Imo, probably one of the best ones ive seen lately (trailer based). Seems like you’re going for something that isn’t just a typical jump scare, but something that is more than that. I honestly can’t wait to play this. I will vote for this.

Please make me proud.

small bump

Wow this looks great. I am also working on a horror game and this is very inspiring. I voted on greenlight :smiley:

Good Job!

Nothing more to say!

( BTW, you are the “P.T. on UE4” guy, right? :smiley: )

Yes this is me :wink:

As VoidGoat said, a small team i’m with is currently working on a horror project and this honestly is inspiring.

Reminded me of Insidious for some reason :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff. It looks like you really analysed what made P.T. so fascinating (and scary), but haven’t fallen into the trap of just taking P.T. and trying to extend it out across several hours, where the pace was necessarily rushed due to it being a short teaser. Love the feeling of paranoia you capture in the trailer.

Really looking forward to this, I’d love to try making something of a similar nature at some point!

Steam link not working. Looks great BTW

Well done. Looks really good!

Just beautiful.

Love the level of detail in that environment. Makes it really look alive.

Wow, looks incredible. The quality of the surface shaders add a great deal to the atmosphere.

fixed the greenlight link, sorry about that

Day 1 man. Day 1 :slight_smile:

Nice trailer.
I am not affected by jumpscare anymore.

The game is not meant to be release in any sort of alpha state. We will release it when it is done wich is by the end of 2016. There is a core story that is not random, but we add a layer of randomness to it, wich will result in a unique experience for everybody. We believe that you will have a better time playing it in it’s final release , rather than being spoiled with pre-alpha, beta , prototype and what not.

Spills tea on self

You have the honour of being my first ever steam greenlight vote.

Look at their new trailer !!!