VIsage - Our first horror Game

Hi, Me and my partner are working on a horror game called Visage.
Get your headset on, turn off the lights and sit tight.

We are also launching a kickstarter campaign for those willing to encourage us bringing the game to life.

Thanks a lot, Cheers


small bump

Looking good! :slight_smile:

This looks absolutely amazing guys!! Just backed this project with a quickness!!! The detail and lighting in the house is really really spot on. I cannot wait to play this :smiley:

Visuals are fantastic. Your composer is obviously influenced by Yamaoka, and pulls it off well, adding a great spin. Love it!

Really spot on design, good luck on your Kickstarter! :slight_smile:

Thank you all, we are hard at work to bring you an awesome experience.

That’s a very beautiful house, I’ve got to say it, and the atmosphere is really spooky.
My only concern however is the story. Please, don’t push a half-packed story to such a potential great game.
Otherwise, good luck on your campaign!

Just upped my pledge. Very excited about VR :wink:

Excited for this!

HOLY. ****. Looks amazing guys! Can’t wait to try this on the DK2

AAAwesome!!! That ending scene… Unreal Engine is really the best engine for making horror games ever. Congratulations for the project!

I watch the last trailer on IGN… this game is getting awesome :slight_smile:

Any news the developers could share with the Unreal community? :slight_smile:

What you used blueprints or C++ ?
Btw your game is outstanding :fire:

Hello is the game out?

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Yes, it is, and it’s purchasable on Steam! :partying_face: