Virus in BootstrapPackagedGame-Win32-Shipping.exe ?

So while updating to UnrealEngine 4.10.0, my Antivirus Program started to scream “I have found an virus in the file: BootstrapPackagedGame-Win32-Shipping.exe, the Error type is TR/Kazy.78336.18” (Avira)…
The Location is: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.10\Engine\Binaries\Win32\BootstrapPackagedGame-Win32-Shipping.exe
Does anyone know if this is a false positiver or so ? (Becaus i dont think Unreal would put an Trojan into their CDN)

Uh oh we are doomed
I bet its false alarm, but your nick is cool. ^^

Its not even grammatically correct… but okay…

I think i will trust Unreal and make an “Do not Search” exception in the Real Time Scanner for the folder…
but it would be nice if someone knew what this is all about :confused:

Of course they would not, either your computer is infected, or it’s a false positive.

Okay, then i will mark it as an false positive and declare this Problem as Solved & Closed !

Yeah sry, old and rusty. :slight_smile:

This is the first time i kind of use this account in like ~3=>4 Months… at that point i simply needed an account… nothing more, nothing less… and thats how such names form :smiley: