Virus found Win32/Heri every time I package

Scan the file here

if only 1 antivirus engine reacting then it is false possitive

Do you use engine from source or laucher?

I get this on the executable “CatInterstellar.exe” in the Win32 folder after I packaged the game. I’ve scanned my entire system and it’s only the builds using version 4.10 are flagged. AVG is the antivirus flagging it. Avast doesn’t seem to have a problem with it (same project but on a different computer). I’m using windows 10 and generally like to think I’m pretty good about not downloading shady software.

I’ve already submitted the file to AVG as a false positive but it could be months, if ever, until the get back to me.

Is there anything I can do in the engine to possibly fix this? Time is definitely of the essence. I wasn’t made aware of this until after I pushed the update to the beta depot on Steam. Was hoping to release tonight but then this!!!

Passed everyone except AVG

So it is false possitive. So again you use source or laucher version?

I’m using the executable from the packaged version.

If you got friend with source version you might try executable from him, i had similar issue with UBT and Avast and thats hgow i solve the issue until Avast fixed it