Virtus Learning Hub - A New Game Development Community

Virtus Learning Hub is a youtube channel producing lots of video tutorials on game development, especially around UE4 - some our most popular series being the Survival Horror, Roleplaying Game & First Person Shooter series, in which we takes viewers through the process of making the above games from scratch!

We have recently started a discord server to bring together the community, but we are looking to invite newcomers into the Virtus family! The discord server is place for aspiring game developers/hobbyists to come together and to grow together and help fix problems along the way.

You’ll find everything from learning quick tips, techniques & learning resources to a community project page, where you can look around and see what projects other members are undertaking, and if you are in need of some desperate help, our active member base are always on hand for help and guidance on any issue.

Who are we looking for:

We are always looking to expand! New people mean new perspectives, new ideas, and extra people who may be able to help others in the community with issues they come across - the bigger the community, the more potential there is for quicker and easier access to help and guidance.

You might be an individual with lots of experience, who may be able to help others and offer advice, or you may be somebody who hasn’t even touched game design, but has always wanted to learn and create, this community welcomes all!

If any of the above has you interested, please consider joining our discord community!


Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you in our community soon!

I have a question when I go to his website I just want to download the resources like the animations and other things I just want to know where exactly where to go when I go to he website thanks