VirtualBOX - UELauncher not working


I’m trying to get UE4 on my Win7 vbox working, but so far it always fails when trying to launch the launcher… :confused:


UELauncher log

My Win7 is up to date, DX11 too afaik… Maybe you need some fancy things like d3d9 overlay or so?

I would totally understand you do not support such rather exotic system - though other similar products do work rather nice here. But well, only need it to make FBX IO tests, so would rather not install a full win7 on my precious SSD just for that. :confused:

Anyway, please let me know if I can try something to workaround that issue (a command-line mode of launcher?), or if you officially do not support VBox. :slight_smile:



PS: can’t say how much I’d appreciate a real linux version, be it only as sources (if possible on OSX, should be on linux as well).

Hey ,

We don’t support this sort of virtual environment. It may be possible to get it working, but I think it would be a lot easier to deal with temporarily installing Windows on your SSD.


I spent some time and investigation trying to get a virtual machine to work. None of them support the DirectX features that UE4 needs. I also talked with VMWare. This was last in May of this year. At that time none of them could run UE4, and Ware had no plan or roadmap of being able to support it, they did not seem to think it important to support the latest DirectX or OpenGL.

Was kinda expecting that, but since I could not get any answer on the web, had to ask! Thanks for the answer anyway.

Ah, in fact, there is a solution! DirectX WARP (basically, 100% software DirectX). Of course this is slow as Hell, not usable in production, but enough for my tests purpose for now.

You need latest DX11. Then, run dxcpl (e.g. from the command field of the start windows menu), add UnrealEngineLauncher.exe to the list, and enable ‘Force WARP’ option.

Once downloaded, you’ll have to add UE4Editor.exe to that list, too (and probably other executables, if you need them).

Note you can also force dx debug state from there… Just a bit sad there does not seems to be any ‘profile’ system, all apps listed get the same settings it seems.

Doesn’t work on my system, Win7 on Virtualbox.