Virtual Textures and UDIMs, forced to reimport the textures everytime I open the project

Hi all, In UE4, I have an issue with virtual textures and a sm with a materials with UDIMs. Basically, every time I open the project, my static mesh appears with rainbow-ish textures, and I am forced to reimport the virtual textures in order to restore the mesh with the correct material.

I’m carrying out the project on three different machines:
uni pc: with a 3080ti which I think has 12gb vram
my desk with a 2060s with 8gb vram
my laptop with a 3060 with 6gb vram

when I open the project on one of these PCs (I work on the cloud) the MS looks like this

when I re-import the maps the material loads normally. If I close the project and reopen it, the material loads normally. If I turn off the pc, restart it and open the project I have to re-import the maps again.
The problem occurs again if I start the project on one of the other machines. In short, it seems that the maps are loaded in some sort of temporary buffer.

The SM and the material I created using UDIM’s workflow, so I have the maps 1001, 1002 etc etc (but I have to re-import only the 1001).

I hope I’ve been exhaustive!