Virtual Studio Tutorial?

Does anyone know if there is a beginners guide or a tutorial that shows how to use Unreal and a virtual studio setup?

Would love to create one in my living room!

However, I was not able to find any tutorials about that!
Something like this here:

thanks for any little help,
appreciate it!

hello, @BernhardRieder

base on you question, I give you solution link below.…/?view=vs-2019

In this link using you start beginning to end guidelines. and also cover the all topics explanation with examples.

I hope this link is useful to you.

Thank you.

thank you… but the link you provided ends on a microsoft page for visual studio?

sorry by mistake another link to write

please try it.

i hope this link useful

Hi there!

I am still a bit confused about the link and what I could read there. I was thinking about a Virtual Production Tutorial, that shows how to setup a Chroma Key Material that can be used for green screen.

The link you sent me is about feeding the engine with Video Footage. Hmm… so what’s your thought behind this vs. a Green Screen Tutorial?
I am just trying to follow you!

Thank you very much!