Virtual Studio asset has been truncated. Is the original Kit Available?

The ‘Virtual Studio’ asset file has been modified and is not the same file discussed in the official UE Documentation. The profiles for AJA and Blackmagic have been removed. The additional Maps for the other studio layouts have been removed. Is it possible to acquire the original 'Virtual Studio Kit?"

Hey @RobH2 - I’m checking with the team to see if any of those profiles were removed with the update for 4.24.

Just to double check, you have the plugins downloaded from the Marketplace (for instance, the AJA Media Player: AJA Media Player in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) and enabled?

Hi @Amanda.Schade - Yes, I have the plugins from the Marketplace and have them enabled. The problem is the profiles that the documentation references are not in the files that are delivered with the Virtual Studio, so, I can’t continue the setup. There is no documentation on creating the profiles manually that I can find. So, as a new user, I’m kind of stuck. I’d like to have those profiles so I could reverse engineer them.

Thanks for the additional info. Would you mind filing a bug report to help our teams track this? I’ll also follow up directly.

Any update on this? It’s nearly two years and the assets are still not available.