Virtual Reality Pawn & Components v2.1

Heya folks!

Just updated my VR Plugin and changes are now live in the Marketplace:

Get up and running with your own Blueprint and/or C++ VR projects quicker with this plugin. Have added a slew of customization options as well as:

  • Pre-configured VR Pawn
  • Gestures Component (Record & Recognize custom VR Gestures – use to trigger actions or events in your VR experience/game)
  • Movement Component (free axis, locked axis, dash/timed motion, bounce from VR bounds & optional use of Nav Mesh bounds)
  • Teleport (Arc, Ray, Blink)
  • Grabber (precision, lock, scan only, grab sky/sun with cycle day and night)
  • Scalable meshes
  • Climb

You can also download a demo project with each of the major components featured in their own Map:

Video tutorial playlist (Will add more detailed tutorials in the coming weeks):

Plugin is FREE under the MIT license. If you decide or are currently already using the plugin, please let me know the project, I’d love to have a list of project links where it’s being used.

Any question/s and/or feedback, just let me know. ENJOY!