Virtual Reality Night Clubs

We are looking for the BEST UE4 Mission / Level Designer, Artist and Engineers that are focused on **VR **development.

We have a project that’s currently being used as a Proof of concept

However I’m a former Lead Game Designer from Activision and I want to add to my team, we have many more clubs lined up right after this one with bigger budgets.

What you will get in return for executing on your deliverables.

  • Your name in the credits on a Major title.
  • if you prove your ability and work ethic on this project I will be adding you to my team immediately and you will be offered PAID gigs when on the team.
  • You will get a free copy of the game and other free content from us and our partners and a membership to our website with a thousand credits.

email if you are interested

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But this picture seems on edge of work safe material (and underage), which is not allowed here.
This is just warning I am from Europe, so i cannot judge if this is over the line or not yet, but somebody from Us may see that picture inappropriate for those forums.