Virtual Reality Mine Machinery Simulator

We finished the first version of this Virtual Reality Simulator. It was made for learning and training how to operate and behave inside the mine.

Three different machines were created and simulated for the transportation and operation of each.

Several parametric systems for random mining parameters were created.

#animation #unrealengine #realtime #UE4 #blender3d #mineria #mining #machinerysafety #simulator

Love it. Great to see blender is used :wink: Are you guys planning to make a full-fledge simulator?

Thanks FinalRockstar !.. This was a project for a client, but yes, we are thinking on doing something independent, we will post about it if we do it…And yes… we moved to Blender !!!.. from Lightwave3D and from Maya … and not coming back…

Love it, this would almost make me go into the mining business…almost :wink:

Thanks WVD84 !