Virtual Reality Horror Game


My group has been developing a V.R. game with quite a lot of success (Just recently got funding for the game as well) and we want to expand our horizons by working starting a separate project for a V.R. Horror Game.

We are needing a bunch of 3D Modelers and will be working in Unreal Engine 4.

If you guys want me to attach pictures and screenshots and record a video for the first game, I would happily oblige but so far there hasn’t been any content for the VR Horror Game.

We’re looking to use some of the funding received from the RTS/FPS game to pay for assets such as materials, textures and UE4 marketplace assets for the VR Horror Game.

You can join our Discord here using this link.

Feel free to ask any questions here but the best way to communicate and talk about the game would be through our Discord Server.

Thank you all for your time!

Hello. That discord invite dont work. Please, send new invite, or contact me on skype: michal.dufek2 or email: Thanks