Virtual Reality Car Configurator for Oculus Rift DK2

Hey guys,

just want to present you our current Use Case Example for VR technology, implemented with UE4.

Its a combination of normal car configurator and VR experience. Its about parsing the users personal car configurations and creating his personal configured virtual car based on that data.

We want the best quality in lighting and resolution, thats why we have chosen UE4. Materials are only dummy implementations until we implement the real configurator interface, but this demo car is already finished.

Thank you for UE4! It wouldnt have been posssible without it!

Your German VR Team

If you have any question you can contact us also here:

Cool! Is the whole car a static mesh for VR performance? Because it would be a lot better if the car was actually a vehicle with more interactivity. If you dont intend to do that i would at least bump up the lightmap resolution overall.

No it consists of many parts. Thats true, we had some issues because of lightmaps, due to high poly count and difficulties to create proper lightmaps. We tried to use low poly versions of the model with map baking but it didnt look real enough, so all parts together have now over 1 Mill. faces now :smiley: But UE 4 still makes a good framerate. :slight_smile: