Virtual reality and my little pony

So er yes, I’m making a virtual reality town from my little pony with ai bots, because it seemed like a thing to do, and because I’ve never worked with 3d, gaming or vr, and figured I’d do something easy-ish. Also it makes a fun demo to run with the oculus rift (dk2)

PonyVRville v0.0.4a - Album on Imgur is a screenshot album

I’ve got what can very generously be called a gameplay video:

Just compiled with 4.7, so it uses Oculus SDK 0.4.4

A build download can be found on google drive.

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Really cool!

Going to share with some friends of mine :slight_smile:

My daughter seen this and went nuts. She sat here and watch the video and pointed out every pony by name. She wasn’t to keen about you blowing up the bouncing pony though lol. Looks really good and would definately be something she would enjoy.

Haha thank you, glad to hear! And you can reassure her that the real bouncing pony was not harmed, that was just a clone, and she’s still hopping around in the game and can’t be harmed!

Hi there! Good to see it indeed! And not sure which other projects are in UE4 either.