Virtual Rain Garden [UE5.1.1] Testing out Nanite+RTX shadows and translucency - surprisingly workable...

…with some notable caveats, like Lumen not fully working when viewed through RTX translucency glass and WPO not quite working correctly…

I used the “r.RayTracing.Nanite.Mode 1” cvar to enable RTX features withfull Nanite meshes without that blotchy shadow artefact thing.

Also built some moss foliage assets (nanite of course). About 30k instances of moss in this whole thing. You’d best believe my gpu was not super happy, but I was still getting around 30ish fps at 1080p… not too shabby…

ArtStation for the full vid (check it out in 4K!): ArtStation - Virtual Rain Garden (Moss Terrarium) | Unreal Engine 5


Gorgeous, as always :smiley:


@Stevelois Thank you!

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Hi again @LTowers95,

So nice to see your work again :slight_smile: Hope you’ve been well!

I could listen to this video on replay for hours. Such a calming vibe. The individual seedling-like plants are absolutely precious. They help to add a bit more depth and make for some cute garden companions.

Thanks for sharing your art. :smiley: Can’t wait to see whats next!


@PresumptivePanda Thank you so much!


Really impressive results. I love the level of detail and lighting on this scene. Congrats! :slight_smile:


@Mr_Daz Thank you!


“And another one” - in my DJ Khalid voice! LOL!

Your ultrarealistic virtual gardens are at the apex of exquisite! I love how the light reflects off the green beveled glass! Even the condensation inside the glass is exceptional!

If I showed this to my grandmother, she would ask, “Why are you so excited about an aquarium with moss in it?” And then I’d say, “But Grandma, this isn’t real. Someone made this with their computer!” And she’d reply, “Upon my word! You mean to tell me this is not real?! Hush your mouth! This is what people can do with computers now?!” LOL!

As always, thank you so much for sharing! You never cease to amaze! Give your GPU a huge hug for making it through! :wink:


@Get_DOVAH_it Thank you! And yeah - my gpu was a little grumpy at me at the end there… but we pulled through!

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Beautiful work! Did you render in Lumen?

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Beaiutiful work!
I had the same question. So all Lumen GI with no RayTracing for reflections?
Also did you use Deferred Rendering in MRQ or Path Tracing?

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@Leandro_O Thanks! And Lumen for reflections/GI and RTX translucency for the glass/water. Although, supplemented with point lights for GI when viewing through the glas from outside, as it seems to be bugged at the moment…

@eco_bach2 Thank you! Yeah, using Lumen for reflections - not RTX - I did try it, but with this scene, there was very little difference, but quite a bit of a performance penalty, so I opted to skip it and stuck to Lumen reflections!