Virtual project

Hello everyone,
im very eager to get my virtual project done , and it would be my first project with this game engine , im still learn it and know very basic
this is paid project i will per everyone who can help and work with me , but i just ask for low prices as it is my first project if possible.

project details :

i need to have a virtual project (game) to be run on android mobiles and ios also , so it start by showing a list of category:
for example:
real estate,

and when you click on any category it load complete environment just like what we get over here

and i will need to add a sign with name or label , for example add the title Spider Mycron on sign i put in somewhere
and when the player move then click on that sign , he will get page with description of Spider Mycron portfolio . then he can click on email to send email , or click on website to visit, or just close it and go back the the environment and move to browse .

so i wish to use same environment to use for other category or even same one .

if you interest to join this team project please contact me by the below info

skype : osama.alani

i have little more details to talk about when you contact me

Thanks for the help and support

I am trying to figure out what you are really asking for, it’s very confusing. Does this have to do with making you assets for a game? A virtual exploration concept? I mean I could help you with the User Interface design and more so but I could use an example of what you are doing first.

I think he is after displaying environments he worked/works on in an app that would let you browse his portfolio. It’s probably be a download and you could browse them at your leisure.

Going to be realistic with you here- nobody is going to want to download an app to view this. You’d be much better off exporting it as HTML to be ran from a website, and then exposing touch controls if they are on mobile, KB/M if they’re on PC.

so means for this project need to download some on mobile in order to get it run properly ?
and you suggest to setup it all on a website and get access by mobile ?

If this is the case I can only say use
It’s cheap and easy, plus has a large community of people who will view your content, and you’ll find other inspiring designers.

i just visited . but i think it is not freed to post job over there am i right ?

No no, not what I meant, use it to display your work for free. If you are trying to find a way to show people your products just use that site because it lets you setup your own portfolio page and so on. I mean that is what you are wanting to do correct? Display your work?

thank you , but what i want is to display my and other people portfolio even companies to show some info and contact by 3d virtual way

It has 3D Support from Marmoset, and you can still show other peoples work and portfolio, it is a site for creating business with clients and companies.