Virtual production vive tracker setup

I don’t know if this is the right forum, but I am trying to get a very basic virtual production live greenscreen scene to work.
I’m using ue 4.25 with the virtual production template and am following Richard Frantzén tutorial
In the scene I have a vivetrackerActor, that gets the tracker rotation and location and on this actor I attached a default cine camera Actor

In my composition layer I have a basic media plate layer with the live video and a cg_element layer.
The target camera actor of the comp is the attatched cine camera.

As long as I am not simulation my comp works fine, but when I do so, the comp does not update the transformation of the camera.
I have checked if the camera is propperly moving with the vivetracker but this works fine.
The only thing that does not work is the camera update of the cg_element layer.
Am I missing some settings to let this work propperly?


i have the same issue, it seems that the comp is bugged, but if you check your output you will see that the cine camera that is attacked to the vive null fallows the tracker properly