Virtual Production small teams and budget soulutions

Hello! I have read the Virtual Production PDF and a lot of the information available on the UE4 blog and site. its an amazing idea and possibility to create something really striking. I would like to recreate the virtual production UE4 set up with the LED screen but at home using a 5D mk2 tracked with a Oculus touch controller, my LED TV and real puppet to get a sense of what is involved in creating such a setup on a small scale / budget.

I was wondering if there is any samples projects available with the virtual production setup or how/where can I get a sense of what is possible?


Jaeger Jensen

Hopefully they will ship a sample project/documentation next week with the stable release of 4.23 but if you want to dig into it early the 2 plugins you will need for their Off-Axis projection implementation are: “Warp Utils” and “NDisplay”. Then set your content browser view flags to “Show Engine Content” and take a look at the LED actors in the WarpUtils Content and the Reprojection Camera in the NDisplay content.

Hey. I have done a bit more research into this. Looks like as you pointed out this looks like its tied to Ndisplay. I guess i need to do more research in to that and VRPN to get the virtual camera and real camera to work. I think the reason there is no Ndisplay or Virtual Production sample project is that you can do this with so many hardware/software that it would be impossibe :slight_smile: i hope that there will be some tutorials or video talking more about how Ndisplay is being used. Im working on a puppet show idea where I would like to use Large OLED screen to display the world/virtual set though UE4.

on to do more research!