Virtual Production Questions

Hi, I’m Mark, and I’m trying to make some Mixed Reality stuff with Unreal for the company where I working at.
First thing - our setup, that we have for now.

  • Green Screen
  • Camera Sony A7S II
  • Installed UE4

The next thing, that we want to get is the Capture Card, and beside from card we want to buy on-camera monitor and HTC Vive. But for now, let’s talk about monitor.

So, we need to input image from camera to Unreal through Capture Card, and output the live stuff from composer to the on-camera monitor.

My question is… Do we really need the capture card with output HDMI/SDI?
Can’t we use just GPU output to deliver the stuff from Unreal Composer to on-camera monitor?

I will appreciate for answers!!!

P. S. If any issues with the text, sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.