Virtual production in the Mac Ecosystem


I am looking to start working with a virtual production format once the Vive Mars is available, but in the meantime I am in the market for a computer to run it. I have already swallowed the apple pill for a number of years now, so I would prefer to stay in that realm. I also don’t have the budget to go wild and by the best of the best computer at the moment, especially if I’m saving up for Mars.

I had my eye on the new Mac Studio, but whenever I look up the specs of UE5 it comes up in terms of PC specs. I am not the most technical when it comes to the nitty gritty of tec specs, so I am unclear if the Studio can really handle it. Is the Studio right for me? Do I need the ultra version or can I get away with the max? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You should also check the requirements of the VIVE Mars. Generally, VIVE prefers Intel CPU and nVidia RTX GPU

Many of the most powerful features for virtual production (Nanite, Lumen) in UE5 are dependent on RTX GPUs, which I don’t believe Apple supports and visa versa.

If you have the funding for a Mac Studio, I would seriously consider investing that into the best PC with RTX you can afford.

Frankly, throughout my 20-30 years in industry, I continually bounced back-and-forth between Mac and PC based on needs (switched from PC->Mac for Shake/Motion/FinalCut… switched from Mac to PC for matchmoving/mocap, PC->Mac for iOS dev, and back from Mac->PC for Virutal Production… I’m writing this from a PC workstation and there’s an actively used Mac on my desk to the left of that.)

It’s in your interest as a creator to be versed on both platforms as there will almost always be useful tools around that support just one of the two platforms.

Hope this helps.
Have fun.