Virtual Production for the Next Gen...

Hi My Name is Rogan,
I’m starting an Indie Film Production company that mainly focuses on a Virtual Production workflow.
Providing Indie Filmmakers, with a low-budget/ Fixed-Budget Criteria, the same visual aesthetics that the high end Hollywood company’s use at a fraction of what it normally would cost.
With my knowledge in Film/Video production and Business Management, I’m currently looking for 3d Artists with Advanced Knowledge of the Unreal Engine capable of taking even the most complex and demanding virtual production projects and helping me turn them into an acquirable function for even the lowest of budget filmmakers and studios. If interested email me at

All Information, Requirements, and Project Briefing will be provided upon a simple 1 on 1 interaction just to see where your at as far as Ambitions and Interest are concerned
I do NOT care for résumés, I do NOT care for College Degrees, I do NOT care for references/referrals.

I’m a firm believer that the most amazing of all those who partake in a provided skill with high level of dedication to learn the curve of such technology without any form of authority or institute telling them they have too are the ones who I believe make the difference in what we do for the world. Come join me, Lets Make the Unreal Happen.