Virtual Photography Kit

Virtual Photography Kit is a set of blueprints and lighting presets making the creation of product shots and digital portraits easy.


Available now! Virtual Photography Kit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace


  • Camera with real world controls and presets
  • Lighting presets as separate sublevels
  • All-in-one light blueprint for all kinds of studio lights
  • Render widget with all the controls you need for easy rendering
  • Burn in builder for date stamps and other data
  • Core blueprint with high quality baseline settings and easy HDRI setup
  • Customizable backdrop blueprint
  • Tutorial level with example asset, ready to render

Let me know if you have any feedback, feature requests, or bug reports!



  • Added Light Target to the Light blueprint (light target needs to be in the same level!)

  • Updated LS_Turntable with HDRI Rotation example

  • Added HDRI Rotation parameter to Core that also works on render

  • Enabled Full Precision UVs and High Precision Tangent Basis on the backdrop meshes

  • Made the default light color perfectly white with a D65 white point cheat

  • Tweaked the M_Refractive material to be more physically correct with the path tracer

  • Set r.PathTracing.ApproximateCaustics to 0 in the default render settings, to get more accurate caustics when using the path tracer

  • Set r.PathTracing.ApproximateCaustics to 0 by default in the Core blueprint, to get more accurate caustics when using the path tracer

  • Set Max Ray Tracing Refraction Rays to 8 by default in the Core blueprint

  • Increased Ray Tracing Reflections Max Bounces default value from 2 to 4 in the render settings

  • Tweaked Viewport High quality settings to be a little bit more performant without any significant quality loss

  • Added version metadata to assets for easier troubleshooting

  • Added color options to the Checker parameter in M_Standard

  • Xtra group renamed to Checker in M_Standard

  • Updated the tube light visualization in Light blueprint to be more accurate

  • Changed MI_Shaderball_Black to match charcoal


  • The Screenshot button will now use the Samples Per Pixel value from the Core blueprint, if present, when the Render Method is set to Path Tracer in Render Settings
  • Added HDRI Saturation parameter to Core
  • Added Custom Version option to Burn-in
  • Added Focus Distance option to Burn-in
  • Added White Balance option to Burn-in
  • Added Resolution option to Burn-in
  • Added Filter Width and Denoiser parameters for Path Tracing to Core
  • Open Folder button in Render Widget now also opens the correct subfolder
  • Made the Focus Distance reading in Burn-in more accurate by reading the value directly from the camera component instead of the Camera blueprint
  • Updated the documentation for UE5 and migrated to Docusaurus
  • UE5: Updated project file to 5.0, removed VR plugins now that they’re disabled by default
  • UE5: Added settings in Project Settings to enable all ray tracing features again
  • UE5: Fixed warning in Render Widget about Get Editor World being deprecated
  • UE5: Updated the GI dropdown options for UE5 in Core blueprint
  • UE5: Made sure that Reflection Method changes automatically when changing GI Method
  • UE5: Added Film Grain parameters to Core
  • UE5: Enabled Reference Depth of Field by default for path tracing renders
  • UE5: Updated RenderWidget design to match the UE5 UI


  • Enabled “Enable alpha channel support in post processing” in Project Settings, to be able to output alpha out of the box
  • Set “Accumulator Includes Alpha” in Movie Render Queue settings in the Deferred Rendering and Path Tracer modules, to be able to output alpha out of the box
  • Made it possible to choose Font on the BurnIn blueprint
  • Enabled Virtual Shadow Maps in Project Settings so it’s easier to use them if needed (ray tracing is however still the default)
  • Added dropdown to the Light blueprint so you can choose between Ray Traced shadows and Virtual Shadow Maps
  • Added project settings to Asset Guidelines for Camera, Core, and Light blueprints, so it’s easier to enable the correct settings when migrating to another project
  • Refactored burn-in blueprints so they read Resolution in a more robust way
  • Added Frame Rate, Frame Number (Master), Frame Number (Shot), Timecode (Master), Timecode (Shot), Shot Name, Sequence Name, and Camera Name to Burn-ins
  • Updated splash screen to match the new UE5 size
  • UE5.1: Enabled SM6 in Project Settings
  • UE5.1: Enabled High Quality Translucency Reflections for Lumen by default in Core


  • UE5.2: Fixed deprecated Get Effective Resolution Output nodes in the Modern and Minimal Burn-in blueprints
  • UE5.2: Fixed deprecated Console Variable nodes in RenderWidget blueprint