Virtual Midi Keyboard

Hi All,

Wish to present you that our product the Virtual Midi Keyboard especially for MIDI Visualization inside Unreal Engine 4 is published today.
If you have installed UE4 and have a Midi Device can test it as well.


Virtual Midi Keyboard is a Midi Visualisation Tool, that shows playing on a piano or keyboard in real-time directly in Unreal Engine 4.

Use your Midi Device like Midi Keyboard or Synth with Midi Connection to visualise your play at Virtual Midi Keyboard.

At first you need to have Midi Device (Midi Keyboard or Midi Drums and etc.) Espessially this product works fine with Midi Keyboard, becouse it represent the virtual piano, synth keyboard in UE4. At other products we would like to make the drums, guitars and etc. This projuct visualise real-time play of the real MIDI Keyboard and not generate sound. For Sound generation use DAW software or you can extend the current possabilities of this product and connect each Midi Key Event to the sound you like directly in Blueprint “BP_PianoKeyboard”.


  • Real-time Midi Visualisation on the Virtual Midi Keyboard of the Midi Events
  • Support up to 4 Midi Device Inputs

Use VirtualMIDIKeyboardMap level to load the VirtualMidiKeyboard and then run the simulation.

At first, you need to set Midi Input by key 0-4 on your PC keyboard to visualise your playing on the Midi Keyboard, otherwise UE4 will use the first available Midi Input.

Current blueprint have four avalable midi inputs and you can switch between of them.

Make sure that you enable the MIDI Plugin function inside Unreal Engine 4 (Menu Edit>Plugins>Input Devices>Midi Device Support must be enabled). Then open the “Virtual MIDI Keyboard” map becouse blueprint of this map linked to the blueprint “BP_Piano Keyboard” that works with Midi Device.

In case when need to place the “BP_Piano Keyboard” Blueprint actor at new map, shows here -

Virtual Midi Keyboard included in other projects:

For any questions about this product and additional support please contact: [EMAIL=“”]