Virtual machine for compiling and deploying for iOS from windows?

So I came across this in my hunt for a cheap solution to compile for iPhone testing of my game (I’m on win10):

Will this work for UE4? Anything to look out for? Seems interesting from my little knowledge about it…


While possible, unless you can get it up to the latest version of OS X 10.12 ( Sierra ) you may not be able to do what you need ( check version requirements both from Epic and Apple ). The speed is going to be TERRIBLE, it is a non native hardware access VM. Compared to UnRaid, or VMWare VSphere, both are called Hypervisors. They are meant to be used with appropriate hardware to support direct hardware level access for the VM Host OSes. This can lead to only losing a few % in performance, but overall better hardware resource use as a whole. I replied in your thread in the C++ subforum.

I am not sure if this will work because Yosemite is too old and nowadays people are installing Sierra and Capitan EI. You can give a try to install Mac OS X Sierra or Capitan EI version on your windows pc by following this link

But you need to have a good configuration to run the OS smoothly.

Tony JOhn

It should work but it’s not legal because of Apple policy… :frowning: