Virtual Keyboard is dismissing itself early after any word is entered, space bar, or return key press on iOS 16 / UE5 (ue5-main)

Building for iOS 16 from UE5, built from source on the ue5-main branch

Whenever I have a text input field in a widget, and the user goes to type more than one word at a time, the keyboard dismisses itself early whenever the spacebar or return keys are pressed. It happens also if you select a word from the predicitive text menu above the keyboard.

It’s like the keyboard is trying to reset between each word that is committed.

This also happens on a brand new widget with an editable text field with no actions bound to the text changing.

This is using the “integrated keyboard” enabled in the iOS project settings.

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Have the same issue. 4.27.2, happens only on IOS devices

Can you confirm which version of iOS and which device you are seeing this on in 4.27.2? I imagine we can get a fix sooner if it is happening on a stable release.

IPhone 11, IOS 16 :slight_smile:

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A change from IOS 16 might be the culprit then, and if so, might need to wait for an official UE release that supports IOS 16…

I just submitted a bug report for this though, hopefully it can be addressed with a hotfix. thanks for chiming in here.

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