Virtual joysticks causes WidgetComponents to stop working

Hey guys,

I’ve run into this weird issue where adding virtual joysticks to your project results in the widget of a WidgetComponent not being able to handle a mouse press / touch event.

In order to solve this, we tried to find out which z-order the joysticks exist on. This seemed to be a value of around -10 / -11. My first approach was to change the z-order on the WidgetComponent itself to at least something higher than that value, but no matter which number I set this tom the Virtual Joysticks still seem to be above the widget in the widget component. I believe this results in the mouse / touch event being consumed.

Removing the virtual joysticks from the project settings will allow us to press the widgets again, but we require the virtual joysticks in order for a feature to work.

Anyone got an idea what may be causing this?

Hello tthiecke,

I was unable to reproduce this issue on our end. I am able to click the 3D widget component as expected in the world after joysticks are added to the screen. Could you insure that you have set up your widget interaction component correctly? Could you make sure that you have your touch events setup to cause a simulated click from the mouse buttons (Press/Release pointer key nodes)?



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Hi Rudy,

thank you for your quick reply. I wasn’t aware that I had to setup the widget interaction component as well. Thanks to your suggestion I managed to make it work on my side as well. I also had to change the widget component’s User Interface > Space property to World instead of Screen.

Thanks again,

I have had some problems with widgets in screen space when the viewport or window was a little bigger than the displayed screen leaving some black space shown. This usually happens when displaying in portrait mode. If you resize the window to fit the display the widgets should appear correctly. Doesn’t sound like this is likely the problem but it is one possibility.

Has Any solution? Thanks…