Virtual Joystick Pack, Minimalist Design For Mobile

Hi everyone, this is a mobile ready virtual joystick pack, that comes with 30 background images and 10 thumb/button images. Additional 20 background images and 10 thumb/button images will be added in near future update, est. when the 4.11 makes its official release. [DONE! NOW LIVE!]

This pack also comes with 4 ready to use examples and an extra asset - 1 Player Controller blueprint; allowing player to touch to look/view on the right side without conflicting with the virtual joystick that you have on the left side. Means you can press/touch/use both at the same time.

Updated List


Marketplace Link:
Price: $9.99

Hopefully, this pack can help you in testing or polishing your mobile game projects, thanks!

Hi everyone,

The updated pack, 20 additional background images + 10 thumb images - making it 50 background images and 20 thumb images; has been submitted to Epic’s Marketplace.

The screenshot has been updated.

Cheers & Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Just to provide a quick update here - the updated pack is now live on the marketplace.


Hi everyone,

Quick update, the updated pack for 4.23 compatibility has been submitted and pending for EPIC’s action

Hi, UE4 developers,

Just a quick update, the minimalist virtual joystick pack update for 4.25.3 now available for update.