Virtual joystick captures touch input

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my UMG buttons do not responed when I have virtual joystick visible, I checked source and it looks like virtual joystick always consider every input as Handled. Is there a way how to make UMG and Joystick co-exist without editing engine source ?

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Experiment with setting your UMG ZOrder settings to values around -15 or lower.

Input to my widget does not pass because It is added using Add To Player Screen. I needed to add it to screen via Add To Viewport and set ZOrder to something higher than zero.

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What’s the point of changing Zorder?

If your UMG Zorder is lower than virtual joystick, you can use virtual joysticks but they will block input to UMG canvas and you can’t use UMG buttons
If your UMG Zorder is higher than virtual joysticks, your UMG canvas will block inputs to virtual joystick and you can’t use them.
The solution will be to be able to click through canvas and I suppose that’s why “set hit test invisible” is made for, but it doesn’t work and it’s like that since almost one year.

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Surprisingly, setting ZOrder to 1 for buttons solved an issue with inability to use joystick and buttons simultaneously on Android. Even though, according to this answer, it shouldn’t work.