Virtual joystick blocking screen space widget interaction

Hey all,

I’m wondering if there is a way around the issue I’m facing.

I have a widget that is in screen space, that widget has a button on it when I launch the level it in the editor all work great, I can click on the button and it doesn’t what is expected.

However, when I launch it to an android device I am no longer able to click on the widget button. The virtual joysticks allow me to navigate the level still but interaction on the widget seem to be blocked.

So I disable the virtual joysticks and launched the level again and the click event works on android.

So my conclusion is that the joysticks are blocking the event from happening.

I have tried to add a widget interaction component to simulate a click. I can see the device is receiving the event but it’s still not getting through to the widget.
Is there something I’m missing here?

Many thanks in advance