Virtual joystick and UMG

Hello friends!
I try to develop a small shooter with my team. Everything is pretty fine, except charcter controls.

  1. Default virtual joystick with UMG works little wierd (when I use joystick to move my character, widget buttons (fire button for example) can not answer to touch at all).
  2. As I know it’s impossible to make joystick via widget.

If you have ideas about good controller for mobile shooter, please let me know!

Thank you for any advice!
Sorry for bad English


Here I have virtual joystick working with swipe to move camera amd umg to shoot. Free download:

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem. Hope it helps.

Btw here is a full list of stuff I added to that template:

Maybe you will find more useful stuff in there :slight_smile:

What was the actual solution to this problem?

I’ve run into the same issue, where either the canvas is on top (Z order of 0 or higher), consuming all input/blocking input to the sticks, or the sticks are on top, and the buttons (at z-order of -20 or lower) receive no input (even if it’s at the top-right of the screen, nowhere near the sticks)

‘Self hit test invisible’ on the canvas panel looks like it should be the solution, but doesn’t seem to be doing the job?


i have the same issue on a project , i think that this can be solved changing the virtual joystick z order , but how can be done with BPs?

So i figured out how to solve this with the Pablookas template , try to uncheck Is Focusable in the button interaction priorities

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No solution yet? That’s weird. I really need this!

You helped me with other problem, disable “is focusable” saved my life! Thank you!

For me it was a border I had in the background of my canvas panel blocking the joystick