IDOL CITY is a Virtual IDOL PROJECT aiming for games & animation



it’s an Indie project, and I come from a background in filmmaking

So I especially need a programming partner, also anyone who loves Kpop, Jpop or Anime are welcome to Join me~

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Wonderful! This is exactly what the world needs! :slight_smile: and that is a serious statement, NOT sarcasm.

You said this is an indie production, but I can’t help wishing this became a motion capture game (think XBox Kinect) with a career mode and battles. On the note of motion capture, I hope you will find a way to smoothen/humanize the animation in some reasonable way. Unless you make the robotic movement a feature by turning the idols into actual robots… But I believe that is not what you have in mind!

Keep on keeping on! This can be great!

hey man
Thanks for your response
If I have a chance to get MOCAP
I believe the dance part will be better

do you like KPOP