Virtual heightfield texture, so EPIC likes to complicate simple matters right?

Do we need such a complicated process to make the landscape look like it uses Displacement after killing Displacement? Is this a joke? I just want to say EPIC must be a life killer.

Firat of all: UE5 is still an alpha release and noone knows exactly how these kind of features will look like on the final release. Furthermore the old technics are fairly old and when Epic has technical issues with these combined with some new features they are always free to introduce alternatives.

Second : Why so harsh?

Third: There is already a discussion in this forum about this topic. Search function is you friend.

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Of course I know OPENLAND, I know it has sweet widgets for one click VHFM & RVT (the devs announced that one-click was lost a few days ago) and if using VHFM on top of base terrain materials, you’ll definitely want to start from the basic, figure out what it is, how exactly, and try to use “one click” as little as possible.
In a word, you’ll get more doubts than using displacement. I like RVT so far so good but VHFM is ■■■■, at least for now, that’s what I’m complaining about, thanks.

But the plus side is, it’s quite faster compared with the old tessellation method & we have more control. Luckily, it got newly updated on the ue5 branch on GitHub.

I don’t Epic will(or can) make it easy to use like tessellation due to the nature of it. But since this is a hot topic, they will certainly release some tools.

Anyway, everyone knows we need something simpler from Epic. I recently found this as well :slight_smile:

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Lucky to 70th signed it, to be honestly, I like the performance and quality of the VHFM, tessellation factor is limited to 64 which is obviously not enough today (for virtual production or cinematic) but if it’s easier to deploy it, then will receive praise instead of complaining, just like OPENLAND.

I think that at this point this topic has now been beaten to death. The dead horse has been beaten so much in fact that only a pulp is left. Maybe not even that.

I agree not having a suitable replacement for tessellation before depracating it was a catastrophically stupid approach, but it may have been necessitated by implementing the new software components - and at the end of the day Epic will have either heard the whining and done something to address it, or done nothing by release and people will stay with UE4

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