Virtual Demolition - Our first game.

Hello My Name Is Whitman Bohorquez. For quite a while I am interested in game development, with my brother Olbert Marquez we develop a simple game, our goal is to upload it to Steam Greenlight but to do so we need 100 dollars I do not have access to this money, my country is going through a serious economic crisis. Because of this we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO. A few days ago we launched our campaign, but to reach our goal we need advertising This is normally accomplished with a marketing campaign. but for obvious reasons we can not have a marketing campaign, for this reason we have to resort to alternatives to advertising our project, I heard about this group by a friend and I did not hesitate for a moment to come here for help, I would be very grateful if you shared our campaign and if possible, that you help us. This is the link of our campaign:

Thank you for your attention. I am willing to receive recommendations to improve my campaign ask apologized for misspellings, I’m not English-speaking.