Virtual Cameras using Vive (like ARKit)?

Hey there!
I’m looking into tracking/animating my Cameras to get a more hand-held feeling using a Vive.
I think i read in the docs that this is possible, but all i can find now is using ARKit with an iPad Pro.

Is it still possible to do the same thing with a Vive?
Is there any tutorial on this?

The ARKit approach is pretty neat with the iPad App, but i don’t have an iPad do to this.
Guess there’s no Android alternative?

Hope someone can point me in the right direction!
Thank you!

You can use either a Vive Controller or a Vive Tracker onto your equipment that will act as a camera, then record its animation using Sequencer.

I suggest you to use a smartphone connected via wifi to the PC, so that you can use it as a portable monitor, so that you’re literally using it as a camera and be able to see the scene in realtime.

There are tutorials on how to use the Vive Controller/Trackers in different ways, but the easy way is to create an Actor BP > Add motion controller > set it to either left/right controller or Special1 ( in case you’re using a Vive Tracker ) > Add a static mesh as a child and there use a cube/model that will match the dimensions and position/orientatiopn of what you’re using as a virtual camera ( smartphone ), and you’re good to go.

Hi Enter Reality.

The suggestion of using a Vive Controller or Vive Tracker instead of AR Kit is a great idea, but every time that you use Unreal Remote 2 on the Ipad with the Tracker enabled, Unreal Remote 2 freezes.
I’ve been trying with a Ipad Air 2. The Unreal Remote 2 works fine, but as soon as you turn on the Vive Tracker to then have a ‘Virtual Camera’ the Unreal Remote 2’ freezes.

If there is a way of doing this, with this kind of setup then anyone, please show us in detail, thanks.
Also, it must be able to be done as ILM seem to have pulled it off with a Gamevice, Ipad Mini and a Vive Controller:
Just head to 1 minute into the video and you’ll see:

Thanks to all that hopefully reply.