Virtual Camera + Take Recorder recording into Existing Level Sequences

I’m curious how to set up the Virtual Camera iPad input (through URemote) with an existing Level Sequence and Take Recorder.

Is there currently a way to move through an existing Level Sequence shot by shot and run takes with new live Virtual Camera input being recorded through Take Recorder?

We’ve run sessions with the Virtual Camera creating new Level Sequences on the fly through Take Recorder, but not in combination with playing back an existing level sequence (shot) and re-recording only the CineCamera Transform track or only the Focus track on top of the existing action, for example. This is crucial for for timing handheld camera movement to final animation/scene action in virtual production pipelines.

Take a look a the end of the document here - Using Layered Take Recording:…gTR/index.html

You can record from an existing level sequence by clicking on the clapper button when you review it. Essentially, it copies the contents of the level sequence you’re viewing into the PendingTake and plays that as you’re recording.