Virtual bone offset in retargeted animations

Hey everyone,

I have a strange problem: In my retargeted animations, all the virtual bones have a slight offset and no longer hit the target joint. What could be the reason for this? How can I realign the virtual bones so that they end up exactly at the target joint? Does anyone have any ideas?

In the attached image an example, there is the following bone structure:

Bones starting from lCollar:

  • *lShldrBend *-> lShldrTwist → *lForearmBend *-> *lForearmTwist *-> …

Virtual bones starting from lCollar:

  • *VB lShldrBend_lForearmBend (the selected one) *-> VB lShldrBend_lForearmBend_lHand

When retargeting, no bones were mapped to the bones lShldrTwist and lForearmTwist, so these both bones were not rotated and are not rotated.

Hello! I have the same one here. Did you find a solution to this problem?

I’ve gotta similar issue right now, any fix from you mate would be appreciated.

no fix yet :frowning: