Virtual Animation Tools Plugin (Create the most complete animation tools)

Are you tired of repetitive manual configuration?
Are you working on tens of thousands of animations?
Do you want a more accurate curve?
Do you want to generate foot step notify automatically?
Do you want a tool that includes all the animation features?
Let “Virtual Animation Tools” help you solve them!

(1)The plug-in will remain updated and maintained. (including slate, which will be combined with the animation editor in the future)
(2)It is an important tool of VRM (VirtualRootMotion), VAK (VirtualAnimSkill, Climb, Vault, Roll,etc), VAN (VirtualAnimNode) and VMM (VirtualMotionMatching). It will assist these systems in processing the data on the editor (prebaked data).

Technical Details
VAT is entirely written in C++ as a custom Blueprint Node that you can use in your Editor Blueprints.


  • Bone Tool
    (1) Copy pose to specified animation (Pose, Transform)
    <1> We can copy the hand pose to motion capture animation to fix the problem - motion capture lacks hand animation.
    <2> We can transfer arm animation to full body animation (FPS to TPS).
    (2) Baking bone component space transform
    <1> Baking attack frames is very useful for servers and low frame rate clients.
    <2> Bake the specified bones. On the server, we can use the data to simulate the head and torso positions of crouching and crawling (if the server does not turn on bone refresh, then it will be a good way).
    (3) Copy an animated bone frame to the specified bone
    <1> If we need to add a camera bone, you can copy the head bone to the camera bone.
    (4) Bone Constraint (commonly used for IK bones linking FK bones)
    <1> Commonly used to constrain an IK bone to a specified FK bone.

  • Curve Tool
    (1) Average curve
    <1> Commonly used for animation blueprints (it will be mentioned later in VirtualRootMotion).
    (2) Accumulate curve
    <1> Often used in montage (it will be mentioned later in VirtualRootMotion).
    (3) Alpha curve is often used in montage (such as climbing).
    <1> It is often used in climbing, crossing, rolling and other displacement animation (it needs to change the displacement in real time).
    (4) Curve baking
    <1> You can split the data from the animation assets and bake it to FloatCurve, VectorCurve, which is usually used for the server (usually for optimization, we close the server’s bone refresh, but if you need to refresh the curve, you can modify the engine to process it. This is only a pre bake method).
    <2> Bake curves into AnimNotify or AnimNotifyState, which is a common method I use in VirtualRoot Motion, in any motion animation.
    (5) Curve cleaning
    <1> If you just bake the curve, there will be a lot of error tolerance, including the tools in the market. It’s solved here.For example, for an animation of turning 180 degrees, the curve baked by this tool is 0-180 degrees, not 0.166-179.877 degrees.
    <2> The redundant duplicate keys are deleted, so that we can check when the curve key exists, so as to better handle some functions.
    (6) Sort curves
    (sort by custom curve array).
    (7) Curve delete
    (delete specified curve).
    (8) Bake presets
    (you can quickly select curves to bake with customed presets).
    (9) Frame rate option
    (you can select the number of baked frames. The higher the frame rate, the smaller the error of the curve. 60 frame is recommended).

  • Notify Tool
    (1) Add animation notify (notify state)
    <1> Add the specified class, position, duration (Array).
    <2> Smart Notify, we can automatically generate foot step notify, which is usually used to configure footstep (We finally not need to configure countless foot step notify).
    (2) Modify animation notify
    (bulk modify existing animation notify variables in animation assets).
    (3) Delete animation notify
    (bulk delete existing animation notify in animation assets).
    (4) Add,modify,delete animation notify tracks

  • Montage Tool
    (1) Add,modify,delete montage group
    (2)Add,modify,delete montage slots

  • Asset Tool
    (1) Add,insert,delete animation frame, modify animation length
    (2) Root animation to inplace animation
    (3) Motion capture animation to root animation (Translation)
    (4) Motion capture animation to root animation (Rotation) < V2 Update >

  • Mirror Tool
    (1) Mirror animation assets
    (you can select one or more bones to mirror).
    (2) Smart query mirror bone tree
    (it does not need to manually set bone name and other data, it will scan the skeleton and generate).
    (3) The mirrored animation needs to copy the same number of frames, and then only take the number of frames in the middle < V2 Update >
    <1> Usually used for locomotion animation(walk, run, sprint).If we want to keep the first frame always be right foot, then it is a good solution.

  • Retarget Tool < V2 update >
    (1) Copy target pose
    <1> It is usually used for A-T pose copy
    (it can be implemented in the bone tool at present).
    <2> Mannequin —Retarget— Metahuman
    <3> Smart bone tree retarget
    <1> A: leg bones links = 5 —Retarget— B: leg bones links = 4

Important/Additional Notes:
1. I will support older engine versions if requested.
2. The example contents in the video are not included. They will be released later.
3. They will keep updated. If you want to add any function, please let me know.

  • If you buy it, please send me the invoice, I will review it and invite you to a specific channel.

  • There, we can discuss the technology of animation.

  • You can learn the latest technical content (VRM, VAK, VAN, VMM) at the earliest time.

  • If you want to cooperate with me, you can also contact me through these channels.

Discord: Discord
QQ Group: 881583389 (China)


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Thank you for your support, it is awaiting review!

This is a cool looking tool. Your discord link is invalid though. it says the invite is invalid or has expired.