Virtual accelerometers in car

I’m trying to create a BP script to read the accelerations of bones in a car. I think I got it working but I’m not sure. It needs to act like a “real” accelerometer.
I have set it up in the advanced vehicle template to test run it but not sure if the data can be trusted. because when i break the car i get like -10G’s. I’m not sure if this is because the car is breaking way to fast or if my calculations are of.
I was wondering if someone could take a look to se if i made some obvious misstakes or whatnot.

-10G, that is breaking abot 2-3 quicker than a F1 Car.

I would set up a straight, Time how long it takes you get over that distance so you can work out the speed the car if move in terms of real life.

Then work out how quickly you are breaking from that speed.

Test it here