Vipp Shelter - Unreal Luxury Camping VR environment

Hi everyone,

Afflictor here, for the past 13 years I’ve been working in the videogame industry on titles such as DeadSpace, Crysis 2, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, MW3 & more. I wanted to try something a bit more peaceful and cleaner stylistically so I recently created a real-time environment based on the Vipp shelter at Lake Immeln, Sweden after being inspired by the architectural designs and surrounding nature. I hope to make it into a VR camping experience for anyone to try soon. I’m currently writing a high-level ‘making of’ article that will cover some workflow, techniques, and thoughts that went into the creation of the scene. I’m loving UE4 and the updates! Anyhow here are some screens:









Cool scene :slight_smile: But, umm… that’s not camping!

A proper (medium/long term) campsite should look like this:


Actually, I’m glad someone other than myself is looking at using VR to get people into the outdoors, though my take on it is a bit different. Instead of using UE4, I had planned on getting a 360 camera and just doing “normal” cinematography

Thanks SaviorNT. Haha yeah, I think the term the folks at Vipp used was “5 Star Camping” :smiley: That’s a wicked tent btw…

The scene is so peaceful, and a bit sad. I love it. Wish I could visit here, wake up in the early morning, the weather is still foggy, I can sit in front of the lake with a hot coffee, and read book. Hmn

Thanks LamPhung, I felt similar while building the scene. It would be nice to escape there for a little while to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature but also being able to retreat in a cozy shelter. The website posted an article today if you’re interested in a high level making of:


Hi Afflictor,

The scene looks very beautiful, I’m loving all the details. When I first saw it, I instantly thought of the facility in the movie Ex Machina. :slight_smile: After looking over the pictures my mind went into gamedev mode. With it being a VR experience for camping, maybe there could be dynamic weather. I have come across quite a few people who find a thunderstorm relaxing. Also, maybe they can access their music library on their PC through the game using a radio in your VR world. Just some thoughts. Nice work!

Hey Isaac,

Thank you! That’s so funny, the first thing one of my friend’s mentioned when I posted it was asking me if the screens were pictures from the movie Ex Machina. I love the visual direction and architecture in that film, so it’s a definite compliment :slight_smile: Definitely all those are awesome suggestions that I hope to get in the scene. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities for immersion. Even thinking about what the sound of an Angry Bear in the woods would do to a player is fun. The thunderstorm rolling through while a calm song is playing on the radio would be such a nice moment for sure.

nah. I’ll take the Vipp.

Finally getting around to updating the lighting in my Vipp Shelter project on the UE4 marketplace using some of the awesome features in UE4 4.22