Violation of Malicious Behavior email from Google Play store

Received an email from Google Play store telling me my app has been removed due to violating the Malicious behavior policy - and to resubmit when I fix the issue - but they don’t detail what the issue was… The project is 100% blueprints built right out of Unreal Engine. Any ideas what could be causing this?? Using 4.20.3 I don’t even know where to begin?? Thanks!!! - Jerry

Hi Jerry,

I am in the same situation: on 28Sep2018, I have received a removal notice from Google for “Violation of Malicious Behavior”.
This is not justified in my opinion, so I have filed an appeal immediately.

I’m afraid it will take them several days to re-assess and consider a reinstatement.

I have no idea what could have caused my game to be flagged as malicious.
It is a board game developed in native Android (Java, no Unreal Engine). I use multiple advertising SDKs.
I am thinking maybe one of the following could have been considered malicious by Google:

  • some ad SDK accessing private user data or doing other nasty stuff behind my back
  • accessing the Device ID (for debug purposes in my case)
  • accessing the list of apps installed (to check if premium version is installed).

Does you app also use any of the above?

Let’s keep each other posted about the developments, shall we?

I got more details on my case: my app has “a ZIP file which contains ELF files”…

I may have found the cause, some ad SDK seems to include this kind of archive containing executable code.

I have no ads, and collect no data from the user what so ever. My project is 100% blueprints, so I have to assume that what ever is in there is something beyond my current control?

You could try checking what Unreal plugins are enabled when you package your app and disable all unnecessary ones.

I advise making an appeal asking for more details.

UPDATE: So, I went through the check list of things that I have control over in the UE Android build area, and turned off Access External Drive Space, and turned off Has Ads, (which might have been the problem because it doesnt) Re-submitted, and its now back live on the site. but not sure what exactly the issue ended up being.

This makes no sense at all…
This is not unusual with Google Policy.