VInterpTo_Constant not working

I was using SetActorLocation(UKismetMathLibrary::VInterpTo to move actors, but I notice it does not move my actors at a constant rate. I did research and found that VInterpTo_Constant is supposed to do the same as VInterp but is a constant rate. However, when i do SetActorLocation(UKismetMathLibrary::VInterpTo_Constant, my actors do not move at all. Is this normal? how do I get my actors to move at a constant rate???

What are you you feeding into the vinterptoconstant functions’s alpha param each tick?
This is something that is used multiple times, once for each change in location (so usually in a tick).

I am feeding VInterpTo_Constant the exact same params that I feed VInterpTo, a function that actually works for me.

I realized the issue. The interp speed for VInterpTo_Constant needs to be much larger than for VInterpTo.

Makes me wonder if “Constant” means it multiplies the position offset by a constant factor instead of a linear or quadratic one and maybe the other VInterpto uses some kind of easing formula?