VInterp To (Vector) and Set Actor Location Issues.


Im trying to make my Actor move up in the air by N units when it gets triggered.
So what i want to do is to make a smoot transition between posA and posB.
I been messing around witht he VInterp To function. but i cant get this function to work.
I basically have tested several ways to do this. but still its a no go.
Exampes i followed.

And many mores on found by google. none of them work.

Anyone got an idea why object will not move when i use VInterp to?

Unless I am mistaken, you can just do this: 4. Create Your Starting Point | Unreal Engine Documentation

But “Launch Character” is not what im looking for.
My actor is not even a character so dont think i can even do a cast to characher on it.

Altho you gave me an idea. since i dont really need to have it go to posB excatly, i just need my Actor (Object) to shoot up in the air a bit,
So I’ll check and see if there is a way to set the veloicy on the actor.

So after messing around a bit it seems the root of my issue is caused by inherited classes or something.
The problem seems to be that the 1st child is a Static Mesh Component that is not editeble. “you cant change its child posision”
So using example the function Add Impulse will have no effect on the Mesh. it will affect the Primitive Components.


If i could swap the MyStaticMesh Component with example APMineOnOf or any other Component i could use Add Impule.
Any ideas to how i can make MyStaticMesh editeble so i can change its child position in the hierarchy ??

In that case, have you tried changing the mobility of the static mesh? However I am unable to get a pointer to the static mesh to access its transform attributes so it may just not be exposed to the blueprint graph.

Yes. i tried changing that…
In the end i gave up trying to use the VInterp To or the Add Impule or any other functions involved in changing position of the object.

I got so fed up that i animated the path instead and made an animation sequense. hehe. works like a charm :stuck_out_tongue:

NICE JOB, yea now that I see what it is you are doing, I think the animation was the best way to go. Great job!

LOL thats so horribly awesome.